Local Partnerships

S&SO Produce


Catherine's Restaurant is committed to bringing local produce whenever possible.  The menu specials reflect seasonal favorites that can be sourced locally.  Most of our produce comes from S&SO Produce in the Black Dirt Region.  They have been a partner vendor since Catherine's inception.  Check out S&SO Produce on Facebook

Murray's Chicken


One day in the mid-1990’s a farmer brought some chicken to sample that had the most amazing flavor.  I was sold on the product and began contracting with the vendor for Catherine’s and we produced all of our dishes from this stellar product. We found ourselves closer to the farm when Murray and Ellen Bresky came in to Catherine’s for the first time.

Murray explained to me that the chicken I was amazed by was actually his chicken sold through a different farmer. 

I raved to him about the flavor. Murray explained to me that his chickens are raised on a family vegetarian antibiotic-free farm.  I became a direct customer with Murray that day on a handshake. I knew that Murray was a trendsetter in how he took care of his animals and that partnership helped Catherine’s to be “Farm to table” before it was a popular trend. Check out Murray's Chicken's website.

~ Chef Stephen Serkes

Roe's Orchard

Catherine's local produce is proud to include Roe's Orchard in Chester, New York.  Roe's relationship with us is another example of family.  Steve can give the Orchard a call and they will bring over their best products to enhance our menu.  Fresh picked produce from the orchard is delivered to the restaurant at a moment's notice.   Check our their Facebook page for more information.